Speaking and Training

Speaking & Training

If you are planning an event in which you simply must reach the minds, hearts and souls of the participants — then you need to bring in John Fast. Few speakers connect as deeply with an audience as does John. His ability to draw out the passion and purpose of every individual enables you to harness that power to unify your team, get through difficult times, successfully carry out complex change, build loyalty with your customers, or surpass an impossible revenue goal — whatever your intention.

That is why John was called when:

  • Deloitte and Touche needed to inspire key partners in re-focusing a new “succession” product
  • Great-West Life chose him to open their annual national Summit Convention with a keynote address to their top producers.
  • BDO Dunwoody wanted to develop a new “succession product” for their clients and needed someone to train partners across the country.
  • St. Willibrord’s wanted to strengthen their connection with Ontario agribusiness clients
  • University of Guelph needed someone to address their “Succession Summit” and orient the farming community to best practices in succession.
  • Canadian Farm Business Management Council, for two years running, needed to raise the bar for a national audience of agribusiness professionals at their annual conferences
  • Ontario Funeral Service Association, wanted someone to convey new concepts of leadership transition to its members at their annual conference
  • George Morris Centre, in their “Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management Program” designed for Canada’s top agricultural managers wanted the best succession curriculum and training delivery for its members

John Fast will help you design your training program creatively. The big challenge is how to come up with something that not only differentiates you within the marketplace, but is also meaningful. This is where John can be a big help to you and your organization. He is an incredibly creative process designer of training programs, events, and conferences. John will help you fulfill your training needs. You will find him flowing with creative ideas — but above all — you will experience how quickly he gets to the heart of what you are wanting to accomplish. He will help make your event or program a memorable success!

Representative Keynotes

  1. Re-Igniting The Pleasure of Work
  2. Five Secrets to Work-Life Balance
  3. Leading from the Heart: Authentic Intelligence in a Wired World
  4. Succeeding at Succession: The Ultimate Management Challenge
  5. S.O.B.s: Sons of Bosses
  6. Who is Afraid of Male Menopause?: The Secrets to Healthy Aging
  7. Your Future – A Lot Like the Present – Only Longer (A Novel Approach to Retirement)

Representative Training Programs: For Professional Firms & Their Client Events

  1. Succession Planning For High Net Worth Clients
  2. Everything You Need to Know About the 50+ Client
  3. Leadership That Lasts: Developing Authentic Managers
  4. Communicating for Results: Igniting the Passion – Focusing the Skills
  5. Performance Management: Creating an Excellence Environment
  6. Coaching Toward Greatness: Developing Collaborative Leadership
  7. The 5 Key Habits of High Performing Teams: Building Winning Teams