”The relentless interrogation of reality” best describes Fast’s facilitation style. We know that high performing executives drive high performing teams. But these leaders and their management teams require periodic tune-ups in order to sustain their peak performance. With a background as owner-manager of several businesses, a trained counselor, and an executive coach for over a decade, John has the unique ability to get real with executive teams facing competitive management challenges. Facilitating difficult conversations that ensure honest dialogue and sustainable solutions occur more naturally during such off-sight retreats.

Using a facilitation process that blends interactive learning, simulations, and fierce conversations, within a nurturing context of gentle humour, Fast’s clients describe their retreat experiences:

“John’s terrific at conceptualizing a problem and expressing it in a way we could understand”

“John had the ability to get to the heart of the matter and connect with us at a gut level on very complex issues.”

“John is skilled at diagnosing people, and he’s skilled at diagnosing companies.”

“John generated high levels of trust with his down-to-earth manner and genuine humour”

“John inspired us to begin addressing areas of fear with renewed confidence.”

“John has the ability to raise tough questions and give participants tools to answer them.”

“John helped us communicate about some very difficult issues – he got us unstuck.”

Effective retreats require careful preparation and planning. You will find John flowing with creative ideas and he will gladly assist you in developing an event that accomplishes your goals and that becomes a memorable success.